Cannabis Legalization: Talking Advocacy with Hope Marian

I started following Hope Marian on Instagram about a year ago and ever since I read that first caption, I have looked up to and admired her very much. Hope is a cannabis educator and migraine advocate who has surely made her mark on the cannabis community, and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Her Instagram explains much more about her migraine relief organization, how she advocates for cannabis as a remedy for helping migraines, and how she began down the road of cannabis use herself, but in our exclusive video interview we talk mostly about what you as a cannabis consumer and advocate can do to help legalize this plant and help everyone gain safe access to it! Watch here:

How She Started Using Cannabis

Hope started having migraines in her childhood, and tried marijuana to help relieve these migraines and allow her to get back to life’s adventures. She was “actually quite responsible” as she puts it, before she started using cannabis, and started taking “a few puffs” to see what would happen and how she would feel. She felt she was using cannabis in a very safe manor, and she started to feel a lot better. She knew it was helping her, but didn’t know for sure why or how. Once she started seeing other women in the cannabis world helping to legalize it, she decided cannabis was her calling, and that she needed to give a voice to this medicinal plant that did not have its own.

Being an Advocate for Cannabis

She decided to jump in with two feet and become an advocate, speaker, marketer, and more. She could legally grow weed and have a caregiver, and in 2015, she helped get 2 dispensaries up and running in her state. Before that point, it had been completely illegal to use marijuana in any form.

She has since been to Washington on many different occasions for Cannabis and Migraine Disease advocacy in various political offices. She mentioned part of her process of finding the right politicians to speak with includes going on the NORML website to see the “grade” posted for each politician, based on how they voted on recent amendments relating to cannabis. She spends more time with those who have negative grades.

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How You Can Get Involved

If you want to get involved but cannot travel out of your state, you can still talk to your local politicians. Talking to officials and politicians is one of the most beneficial ways we can further the movements in the cannabis community and legalize this plant in the end. When talking to any politician, Hope reminds you of these tips:

Tips When Talking to a Politician

Be quick to the point. They do not have very much time and need the most pertinent information quickly.

Be respectful. It is hard to get anyone to listen to you when you are yelling or acting rude toward them in any way.

Bring facts!! Have numbers to back up anything you say! Have handouts! Sometimes you can meet with someone in the office, but if you can’t (or even if you can) you want it to trickle back to others through guides and tips on paper you leave behind with them.

You don’t need an appointment. Gather facts, set a date/time for yourself, and GO! Be the difference you want to see in the world!

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Why is Hope doing this fantastic work in the cannabis space? Cannabis has saved her life and she feels a responsibility to the universe to tell people about her experiences. People are in need of this plant. She often sends mail to prisoners who are serving sentences for marijuana crimes, helping them to keep their voice and inspiration to continue to be patient while others speak up. She also goes onto Change.organd signs petitions regarding marijuana that others have created and are trying to gain support around.

Hope has inspired me in many ways to take ACTION in this community and make my voice heard! If you have any questions for Hope specifically, reach out to her on Instagram or let me know and I will ask her!! She is SO friendly and such an amazingly strong woman in this industry!! I cannot wait to meet her in person!

So tell me, what are you motivated to do most to change this industry? Talk to your local politician? Sign a petition on Write to a prisoner serving a sentence for a marijuana-related offense? I’d love to know, and I would love to get more involved. If any part of this resonates with you and you want to take it a step further, let me know! Let’s get together and make big changes!! Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom, it really makes me smile!!

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