Cannabis Resources

We've compiled some great cannabis resources along with our blog posts to help all cannabis enthusiasts from the beginner to the connoisseur. We'll be adding more as time goes on, so keep checking back.

What's your go-to resource when you need cannabis-related information? Feel free to let us know!


Federal Legalization

Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act

Which Cannabis Legalization Bills Actually Have a Shot in Congress?

Where Do the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates Stand on Legalizing Cannabis?

Cannabis Legalization Questions Shifting from "If" to "How"

The law offices of Harris Bricken specialize in cannabis law and how it differs across state lines. See how California treats hemp-derived CBD in this blog post.

If you're considering entering into the Hemp CBD industry, Harris Bricken has four important topics to consider before starting.


38 Attorneys General Ask Congress To Bring Marijuana Money Into Banking System

Here's a Look at the Impact Legalized Cannabis will have on U.S. Economy

Social Media

Social media giant Facebook confirms ban against hemp/CBD ads.

Education has one of the most comprehensive set of resources for everyone from the beginner to the advanced. Check out their list of strains to know exactly what's in your cannabis product.

Weedmaps is also a great resource for cannabis education. They've recently begun phasing out unlicensed dispensaries from their database as well.

Local Dispensaries

San Diego has some of the best dispensaries in Southern California. Here are some of our favorites:

Did we miss any? What's yours? Drop us a line and let us know.


With all the brands out there trying to get our attention, it's hard to know who to trust. We've found some who are taking the cannabis industry to the next level:

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LPP and C in C

Official Partner: Last Prisoner Project

Imagine sitting in a cell for years, decades, or even for life, convicted of an activity that is no longer a crime, while thousands of other people build intergenerational wealth doing exactly the same thing.

That is the situation that over 40,000 cannabis prisoners face today in the United States alone, while countless others languish in jails and prisons worldwide. The Last Prisoner Project is dedicated to bringing restorative justice to the cannabis industry. A portion of all Confidence in Cannabiz membership dues each month go directly to Last Prisoner Project. Thank you for being a client and therefore making a bigger difference.