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In the United States, the use of cannabis for medical purposes is legal in 33 states, four (out of five) permanently inhabited U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia, as of January 2019.

How did this happen when in just 1995 not one state had legalized cannabis? Using the same process we use inside our membership community. People in these states declared change would come, they stood up for themselves, they provided a voice for cannabis through their own, and they helped others see things through a new light. A green light!

And look what happened..

They helped create a wave, open minds, and make a change in the law!


How do you help create change for the entire nation?

The answer … become a Confidence in Cannabiz client and join the movement.

Our promise to you..

Confidence in Cannabiz provides digital marketing services based on a decade of understanding when it comes to online platforms, product marketing, strategy and product positioning, especially now in the cannabis industry. We are unique in our holistic approach to online marketing, and we work with you through the planning phase of all projects, into the implementation and in the end, ultimately teaching you how to take the reins. We empower you by providing the knowledge you need to make the most informed decisions for your company. Our promise to you is to always deliver on our word, and to remain authentic, transparent and honest throughout our time together.

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-New Moon Virtual Awakening - Join us via phone or computer and allow yourself to awaken to all that needs adjustment. Take note of what you need to bring forward in the next 30 days, and what needs to be shed and left behind. Enjoy cannabis while we video chat (video/voice not required, you can just sit in) together and celebrate our wins! I will allow you to choose cards from my Moondeck in the New Moon Spread and I will read them to you and each member of the group as they choose their cards. After reading all cards, we will do a short activity together. Help us reach a monthly goal to truly help move the needle toward our mission of federal legalization.

-Unlimited Blogging Submission*: Submit your story to our CIC editor and make your mark on the cannabis community! As a client or past client, you are allowed to post once a month on our blog about your company, products, and advocacy. We highlight each blog story on our social channels! (*Blogs can be denied/asked for edits on a case-by-case basis)

-Unlimited Event Promotion: On our event page we post all of our clients' events! We would be happy to promote your next cannabis event!!

-Monthly Social Promotion: We love featuring our clients on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages which reach 5,000+ cannabis enthusiasts worldwide


-Starter Pack Download : Download our Business Success in the Cannabis Industry packet and start to revolutionize your business today!

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Amanda Henry


You can download our pricing packet which explains about our various growth packages and how we help cannabis companies level up so you know what to expect when we chat!

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast who wants to be a part of a bigger change toward a better future…


you’re an influencer who has a following and you’d like to learn how to use that following to help legalize cannabis federally


you just aren’t sure where to get started when it comes to cannabis legalization (and you want to do it in the smartest, most effective way)

Confidence in Cannabiz can help.

 The marketing strategies that we use include inspiration that gives you the clarity and confidence to advocate for cannabis and support others doing so as well.

It has taken me over 10 years of working around hundreds of cannabis enthusiasts, to distill all I've learned into a few key strategies that will make all the difference for you personally, and for our collective mission of federal legalization.

This is NOT “dump a bunch of info on you and wish you all the best” marketing strategy. We have intentionally designed our growth plans with you in mind.